The advent of internet and digital technologies has resulted in a big change, still under the way, in music production in general as well as in voice over making and recording.

Combining professional technical and artistic skills together, we've realized a high level service which allows the Clients to achieve the better and faster result, rescricting the number of stakeholder whit a consequential time and cost reduction.

The initial lack of trust in these new possibilities felt by the professional market, was broadly justified by the fact that these days everyone can record at home with any microphone and a small laptop used in a non acoustically treated environment like the living room or worse...
Sad to say, the Web is full of these kind of offers and it's very challenging to deal with the differences through few web pages only.
But of course the results are a long way off the ones produced by people who have skills, expertise, equipment and environment indispensable to work in the professional market.

Many Clients over the world have appreciated our service for each kind of audio production.
We are glad to had the possibility to work for some important companies like Apple, Google, Kodak, Volvo, IBM, Sony, Audi, Epson, Reebok, Microsoft, Roche, Bayer, Cirio, Intel, AMD, Vodafone and many other.

Besides the pure recording, we do the editing, cleaning, processing and all what is related to the full post-production activity, providing the Clients with a finished ready-to-use product.
Audio material is delivered via email, ftp, personal internet download area or via mail on CD ROM, DVD or USB key.